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Adult League Rules

General League Rules

  • Any teams waiting to play must stay off courts, unless it is their scheduled court time.

  • All games will be played at scheduled times (Schedule posted on Internet).

  • No Make Ups during the season.

  • Play rain or shine, if weather hampers setup for leagues, then they will be cancelled for that week. 

  • Please DO NOT call directors about the weather, we will probably be at the beach and will not have enough time to call you back before you are to leave.

  • All EARLY games we ask players to SET the court lines, Start under the net and unwind line and you can determine corners with the little Loops - Bungees will hook onto these. 

  • All LATE games we ask players to unhook the court lines, under the net and wrap the lines on the spool and place rope and court corner hold downs into proper bag. Note: DO NOT start winding the ropes at the corner of the court and double the lines up.

Playing Rules

  • Men’s and Women’s Doubles: (3 games to 21, cap at 23 with rally scoring)

    • No setting over the net (accidental or intentional)

    • No Open Hand Tipping (Knuckle and Cobra okay)

    • No Hitting the Net

    • No receiving with your hands

    • You can only set “hard driven” hits

    • A block is considered 1 out of the 3 contacts for your side


  • Coed 2's: (3 games to 21, cap at 23 with rally scoring)

    • Same rules above

    • Coed Etiquette (although not mandatory, it is appreciated)

      • Guys serve to guys

      • ​Guys do their best to hit at guys

      • Guys do their best to not block the girls

***While we understand that some coed teams the girl may be stronger, these are simply guidelines. They are NOT mandatory, but appreciated depending on the team you are playing. ***


  • Co-ed 4’s: (3 games to 25, cap at 27 with rally scoring)

    • No setting over the net

    • No open hand tipping (Knuckle and Cobra okay)

    • No hitting the net

    • You can open hand receive

    • You do not have to rotate if you choose, you must simply keep the serving order

    • A block is not considered a touch

  • All leagues refereeing are on the honor system. Teams playing each other are expected to make their own calls or even calls on the opposing team. You should call the score out loud before each serve.

  • Each week, all teams are responsible for reporting their own game results to the schedulers table.

  • Any team not entering each week’s game results will have the following week to do so. Anything after the following week will go in as a loss regardless of wins or losses. Any none recorded losses will be used for determining playoff seeding.

  • You may e-mail in game results to if you had forgotten to mark your results for that week.

Substitutes and Alternates

  • Can add a alternate any time you wish throughout the summer.

  • An alternate can play for more then one team, however has to choose a team when going to playoffs.  

  • A team may use as many alternates as you wish during the course of the season.

  • Substitutes may only enter during the process of a game at the Serving Position.


  • First, try to ask an alternate to take your place that evening if the rest of the team can make it.

  • If a whole team CANNOT make the league night, please contact the league director by text or email as soon as you are aware.

  • Ten minutes after scheduled time, that team forfeits their first game, after 20 minutes the match is forfeited.

  • If a team shows after the 1st 10 minutes (Start the Second Game) and play 2 games.. the 1st Game was Forfeited..  ex:  Record for that day   2 wins -  1 Loss (F)

  • IF Team forfeits, the Winning team must mark on the result sheet for that week 3 wins with the Letter "F" and mark the forfeiting teams losses with the letter "F" next to it.


  • All Teams will make playoffs and will play a single game elimination tournament.

  • If your team cannot make playoffs for some reason, please leave a note on the Score Sheet the last week so your team is not scheduled for playoffs.

General Park Rules

  • Alcohol prohibited in the park and on the beach premises. Auxiliary Police have the right to search coolers and handle violators accordingly.

  • Parking prohibited in areas designated by signs. These areas are clearly marked. There is additional parking on the south side of the park if needed.

  • Please do not park on the curbs entering or exiting the park.

  • Lifeguards have full authority over league staff and players. Please notify league director on any incidents involving issues that may interfere or impede a lifeguard from doing their duty.

  • Any injury, no matter how trivial, report to a league director.

  • Please place all garbage in garbage receptacles

  • Please control your conduct and language on the premises; this is a public park.

  • Park closed after 11:00 p.m.


If there are any questions or concerns about the league or registration please email the scheduler, Kari Cooley, at

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