Lakeview Open 2021...

Saturday June 26th: Men and Women's 2s; Registration: 7:30-8:15am, Start Time: 8:30am

Sunday June 27th: Co-ed 2s, Co-ed 4s; Registration: 8:15-8:45am, Start Time: 9:00am


Mens 2s: Open, AA, A, BB, B

Women's 2s: Open, AA, A, BB,B




Co-ed 2s: Open, AA, A, BB, B

Co-ed 4s (3 men, 1 woman min): A, BB


Pre-register your team online using the online form. You can then mail a check or pay online. By pre-registering you are guaranteeing playing on the given day. Full registration includes payment! Although payment can be made the day of play, walk-ups are limited to net/division availability. Most divisions will be closed before the day of play. Paid waitlisted teams will bump any unpaid registered teams. Please pay ahead!


Please note: Although registration is scheduled to close the Friday before play, tournament directors will close divisions based on how many teams are pre-registered before that time if needed. Please do not wait until the last minute to register.



Please read the Tournament Rules to find out how we handle refunds with weather.



Registration is open for our June Lakeview Open Tournament for 2021



$30 per Player/ per all Double Divisions                         No Refunds

$30 per Player/ CO-ed 4s Div. ($120 per Team)



  • The $30 is any pre-payment received by Thursday before the event.  (please do not mail after Monday before the event)

  • This will increae to a $35 "Day of" payment. This only pertains to the doubles divisions. Credit will not be taken Day Of. Please bring cash or check.


If mailing in payments, make sure to put your name and division you are playing on the back of the envelope. Make checks payable to "LakeviewVB" and mail to:


    LakeviewVB, 6388 Brighton Dr., North Olmsted OH 44070