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Put-in-Bay Rules & FAQ

General Rules- USAV Rules apply unless otherwise stated

  •   Contact with the net is a violation (except hair). This is for safety concerns.

  • With no centerline, that violation becomes an interference call and referee's judgment.

  • Touch on the Block does not count as a hit:  permitted 3 hits following the touch on the block.

  • There is NO girl hit rule ( Meaning: During a volley if there are multiple hits on a side, a woman doesn’t have to be one of those contacts)

  • No - Hard Cleat Shoes or Gulf Spikes. (This is for safety concerns, and trying to gain an advantage). Competition can get very escalated and many people are bare-footed and you could cause serious injury should you accidentally step on a foot or ankle.

  • You may not sign up and play for multiple teams.

    • Tournament Directors reserve the right to make any necessary roster changes due to Unforeseen circumstances.

  • A player must have played in at least one pool play game for the team and be on the signed roster prior to playoffs to be eligible to play in playoffs with that team.​

  • Substitutions: If rotating players, the player rotating in, must be at  position; along with maintaining the (2 female min. on the court)

  • Substitutions: Standard Subs are permitted as in USAV (Ex: front / back row players using same position, however the (the 2 female minimum must be maintained on the court)

  • Substitutions: Use of the Libero is permitted however the 2 female minimum must be maintained on the court.


  1. How many teams are you taking this year?   In 2012, we determined that we can hold up to 160 teams comfortable.   We are working with the Mayor to improve the fields and expand the Island tournament and return it to its original, festive state.  

  2. Because the Size of the Island Tournament, some divisions grow extremely large.  Instead of an Upper or Lower or a new division.  Our staff will set a size limit and divide large division into 2 or even 3 tourneys of the same Division.  By doing this, we create more winners for prizes, but more importantly we keep the tournament manageable.  This means a better service to you and less down or wait time.  Also, some divisions may stay very small, if we deem them to small we may merge them with a division that is very close in skill.  In this case of a merged Division, our staff will then make decide if an Upper & Lower Playoff for the merged group is warranted.  If so, then during playoffs for that division an Upper and Lower Division will be made by Records.

  3. Where on the Island will the tournament be held?  There are 2 locations that we run the tournament on.  The property just before you get into town (on the left of the main road).  And the Baseball Diamond by the High School. 

  4. Does everyone have to Check-IN?  Yes, all members of your team must sign the waivers before participating in the Put-In-Bay Volleyball Tournament.

  5. Is there an open division?  Yes, we do have an open division

  6. Is everyone given a T-shirt for playing? 6 T-shirts are given to those teams who register AND pay by the deadline set. Rosters larger than 6 will need to pay $20 for each additional shirt. A limited number of shirts will be available to purchase.

  7. Will there be any T-Shirts for Sale?  Due to the amount of shirts given for pre-registering, a limited amount of shirts will be available. Volley may sell their own tournament shirts, however that is their decision. 

  8. How do I Know we are registered?  Check Website, we have a link to a page that lists all teams that have Registered. (Will be updated every few days prior to tourney)   We WILL NOT BE calling teams if you are in the tournament, however, if your team is closed out for any reason, we will contact someone on your team ASAP.   Registration is done online this year, either via the online form. Registration isn't complete until payment is received. Payment can be made via PayPal, mailing a check or paying Friday before the tournament. 

  9. What is Pre-Registration all about?  Pre-Registration;  Your team may check in and sign waivers the night before the tournament and you will receive a fast pass for the next morning for net assignments.  If your team is checked in FULL (all players signed the mass waiver), then you may avoid check-in the day of tournament.  If one person is not there, only he will have to register for the team the next morning, however, the team is not fully checked in until he/she signs the last waiver spot. If you have someone that hasn't signed a waiver, your team may not start until he/she does at check-in, in the morning

  10. Can I play on more than one team during if there is an injury or a team is short players? While we appreciate your helpfulness, once you have signed the liability form for a particular team, that is the only team you can play on for the entire day. You MAY NOT play for one team in pool play and then "help" a team in the playoffs because your team didn't make it

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