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Youth Playoff Information

Youth Playoffs with be Tuesday, July 30th.


Play will start AT 6:00. Teams scheduled for the first game are asked to arrive at 5:45 to ensure lines are set up and that play starts right at 6:00. Forfeits for round 1 games will be declared at 6:15. If a team arrives late, they will forfeit 5 points for every 5 minutes late from the start time declared. This is to ensure that the tournament keeps moving before the sun goes down! If your team is listed on the bracket with no specific start time, please be sure to be down at the beach in time to play the winner of the game listed before you (each round will be approximately 30 mins). 


Playoff Format:


Games will be played best 2 out of 3. Games will be played to 21, 3rd game will be to 15 only if needed. 


Rules for playoffs:


  • No setting over the net

  • No open-hand receiving serves or 1st ball over

  • No hitting the net

  • No tips (only cobra, knuckles and full swings are accepted)

  • No coaching from the sidelines

  • Parents are NOT to keep score or to interfere with the score when being said out-loud

    • Players are responsible for keeping score out-loud. If there is a discrepancy, you don't continue playing and then complain later. Don't serve until settled or get one of the workers from the tent. 

  • Substitues may sit on the sideline, friends and family must sit at the endlines




Prizes will be given to the 1st and 2nd place teams in each division.


1st Place: Will receive up to 4 shirts and up to 3 blankets (6th grade: 5 shirts/4 bags)

2nd Place: Will receive up to 4 shirts (6th grade: 5 shirts)

Brackets (PDF)
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