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Lakeview Challenge 2022...

Saturday July 30th: Men and Women's 2s; 

Sunday July 31st: Co-ed 2s, Co-ed 4s, 

Lakeview Challenge 2020

A big thank you to everyone for making the 2020 Lakeview Challenge a success this year! We couldn't have pulled it off yet again without the amazing support of all that play. We couldn't have asked for better weather and total cooperation from all! It is definately a tournament to remember given the pandemic!


Thank you to all for your continued support and we look forward to a great beach season next summer. 


- Lakeview Tournament Staff

Lakeview Challenge 2020 Winners

Men's Open

1st: Charles Fisher- Pittsburg, PA/ Dave Evans- Pittsburg, PA

2nd: Canyon Tuman- Pittsburg, PA/ AJ Schmidt- Pittsburg, PA

T-3rd: Mitchell Pierson- Columbus, OH/ Tony Glessner- Ann Arbor, MI

T- 3rd: Geoff Molnar- Wickliffe, OH/Jason Kuhn- Willoughby, OH

Men's AA

1st: Greg Herceg- Lakewood, OH/ Daniel Barabas- Akron, OH

2nd: Jack Yeager- North Olmsted, OH/ Curt Conser- Salem, OH

Men's A

1st: Ryan Intrieri- Erie, PA/ Kelly Manning- Erie, PA

2nd: Lucas Sauder- Lititz, PA/ Foster Lobb- Lititz, PA

Men's BB

1st: jack Colvin- Wakeman, OH/ Karl Rogers- Norwalk, OH

2nd: Alex Cruz- Cuyahoga Falls, OH/ John Intrieri- Erie, PA

Men's B

1st: Paul Tower- Perrsyburg, OH/ Mike Schlais- Newton Falls, OH

2nd: Monte Reed- Sandusky, OH/ Lucus Dwelle- Sandusky, OH

Women's Open

1st: Emily DeGeorge- Cleveland, OH/ Hannah Greene- Cleveland, OH

2nd: Kelsey Bittinger- Cleveland, OH/ Sara Davis- Akron, OH

Women's A

1st: Beth Mowry- Mentor, OH/ Becky Palivoda- Middleburg Heights, OH

2nd: Evelyn Haydu- Wadsworth, OH/ Ashley Dwyer- Medina, OH

Women's BB

1st: Jessica Ireland- North Olmsted, OH/ Winnie Wong- Cleveland, OH

2nd: Cassie Murcko- Hubbard, OH/ Tiffany George- Rootstown, OH

Women's B

1st: Cassandra Rodriguez- Cleveland, OH/ Melissa Coates- Amherst, OH

2nd: Amanda Blodgett- Norwalk, OH/ Marsha Douglas- Oberlin, OH


Coed 4s Upper

1st: Elaine Lemp/ Leonid Lyublinski/ Mike Noyes/ Alejandro Duran

2nd: Rachael Bolmeyer- Lorain, OH/ Jeremy Darmafall- Lorain, OH/ Sean Darmafall- Lorain, OH/ Kody Bender- North Ridgeville, OH

Coed 4s Lower

1st: Todd Schlenkerman- Amherst, OH/ Chris West- Lakewood, OH/ Joanna Ondash- Eastlake, OH/ Anthony Calvillo- Cleveland, OH

2nd: Cam Mizer- Copley, OH/ Sam Wentz- Copley, OH/ Maddie Wentz- Copley, OH/ Jeff Chonko- Westland, OH

Coed Open

1st: Tracy Reschke- Suffield, OH/ Devin Deering- Lorain, OH

2nd: Becky Palivoda- Middleburg Hts, OH/ Brent Bierek- North Ridgeville, OH

Coed AA

1st: Heather Mariner- Cleveland, OH/ Sam Massari- Austin, TX

2nd: Becky Patton- Macedonia, OH/ Mike Patton- Macedonia, OH

Coed A

1st: Michael Wahl- Malvern, OH/ Erin Gardner- Avon, OH

2nd: Emily Gardner- Avon, OH/ Foster Lobb- Lititz, PA

Coed BB

1st: Chris Melkonian- Temperance, MI/ Neela Kelly- Toledo, OH

2nd: Christy Pashkovskiy- Seven Hills, OH/ Oleg Pashkovskiy- Sevin Hills, OH

Coed B

1st: Logan Jennings- Akron, OH/ Erin Mundrof- Akron, OH

2nd: Brian Galambos- Akron, OH/ Katie Kern- Akron, OH


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