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Lakeview Open 2024...

Saturday June 29th: Men and Women's 2s

Sunday June 30th: Co-ed 2s, Co-ed 4s

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Registration for this tournament will open April of 2023!

Lakeview Open 2023 Recap

A big thank you to everyone for making the 2022 Lakeview Open a success this year! We battled the sun and got out of there before the rain but had a blast all the same!


This tournament couldn't of happened without YOU. We look forward to seeing you again in July and also in the 2024  tournaments.




- Lakeview Tournament Staff

Lakeview Open 2022 Winners

Men's Open

1st: Chase Tsilimos- Broadview Hts, OH/ Phil Margevicius- Cleveland, OH

2nd: Phil Catanzaro- Cleveland, OH / Kevin Szybist- Lakewood, OH

T-3rd: Tony Craiu- Akron, OH / Alex Androshchuk- Cleveland, OH

T-3rd: David Bowler / Monte Reed


Men's AA

1st: Jon Pilgrim- Lakewood, OH / Andrew Zoeckler- Cleveland, OH

2nd: Jack Yeager- North Olmsted, OH / David Rimstidt- Palm Coast, FL

Men's A

1st: Noah Zappone- Hudson, OH / Drew Thomas- Medina, OH

2nd: Nick Tokar- Stow, OH / Noah Prichard- Green, OH


Men's BB

1st: Ike Holmer- Tiffin, OH / Ryan Mortimer- Wickliffe, OH

2nd: Mazen Monnette- Lorain, OH / Michael Gall- Sheffield Lake, OH

Men's B

1st: Julio Yactayo- Columbus, OH / Evan Sutula- Columbus, OH

2nd: Nelson Morales- Elyria, OH / Brett McCall- Elyria, OH

Women's Upper

1st: Ella Mravec- Lakewood, OH / Antonella Palmese- Pittsburg, PA

2nd: Brittney O'Hara- Sandusky, OH / Keely Hering- Erie, PA

Women's A

1st: Meg Polak- WIlloughby, OH / Katie Stansbury- Lakewood, OH

2nd: Jo Ondash- Willoughby, OH / Morgan Strenk- Toledo, OH

Women's BB

1st: Jenna Quillen- Medina, OH / Hope Landers- Cleveland, OH

2nd: Tory Shephard- Fairlawn, OH / Melissa Heavey- Rocky River, OH

Women's B

1st: Octavia Gonzalez- Sheffield, OH / Mindy Gonzalez- Sheffield, OH

2nd: Katie Fox- Columbus, OH / Katy Keller- Columbus, OH

Coed 4s

1st: Andrew Woodward- Seven Hills, OH / Sherry Martin- Westfield Center, OH / Katie Stansbury- Lakewood, OH / Ron Gaspar- Cleveland, OH

2nd: Tony Craiu- Akron, OH / Rebecca Case- Lyndhurst, OH / Mark Gillette- Akron, OH / Noah Pritchard- Green, OH

Coed Upper- Gold

1st: Stephanie Kubiak- Erie, PA / Nic Stojak- Clearwater, FL

2nd: Jenna Maddocks-Johnson- Canton, OH / Jack Yeager- Cleveland, OH


Coed A

1st: Cassie Murcko- Hubbard, OH / Kelly Manning- Erie, PA

2nd: Michael Wahl- Malvern, OH / Hope Landers- Cleveland, OH

Coed BB

1st: Jose Gonzalez- Sheffield, OH / Octavia Gonzalez- Sheffield, OH

2nd: Taylor Dillon- Berlin Heights, OH / Richard Wang- Westford, MA


Coed B

1st: Marsha Douglas- Oberlin, OH / Charlie McDaniel- Oberlin, OH

2nd: Nelson Morales- Elyria, OH / Morgan Martin- Seven Hills, OH

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